Groth is one of two habitable worlds in the Fromeltar system (the other being Terledrom). Groth is a lightly populated world inhabited mostly by Dralasites. It is an agricultural world. Gravity is 1.2 and the day is 45 GST hours long. It is orbited by a UPF Armed Space Station but does not have any moons.

Moons: None
Gravity: 1.2
Day: 45 GST Hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
% Water:
Trade: Agriculture

General Notes: Peaceful benevolent socialist agrarian society.
Native Species: Grapal vines
Economy: Agriculture. Imports are 90% of industrial products from Terledrom.
Law: (CR 5-6) Few weapons are available, and few are needed. Absolute weapons CR is 4. The police force (generally deals with emergencies, not criminals) is armed and attacks primarily with knockout and deterrent weapons first. There is a dramatic import tax on any items being brought to the planet by non-government routes.
Population: Dralasite Light.
¥ City:
ª§ Artificial Satellites: AS


Dralasites discovered the Fromeltar system in 320 pf.


Socialist. Everyone gets a base salary and supplies. This can be increased based upon job importance (telephone sanitizers vs. counselors), skill, hazards, hours, etc. Patriotism has lessened the impact of laziness upon the system. People 'work' all the time in some way to improve the world for everyone. Visitors must pay for the services/products they use, or join the system with a work commitment.

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