Exploration/Utility Ground Cycle
Taurus 2x2
Manufacturer: various
Cost to Own: 1,000 Cr
Rental Cost: 25 Cr plus 25 Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Ground (wheeled)
Top Speed: 100m/t (60kph)
Turn Speed: 70m/t (42kph)
Acceleration Speed: 50m/t
Deceleration Speed: 30m/t
Powerplant: Type-0 parabattery
Range: 500km
Fuel Economy: .5 SEU/km
Crew: 1
Passengers: none
Cargo Limit: 25kg less than 750 cubic cm
Armaments: none
Armor: none
Other Equipment: none

An Exploration/Utility Ground Cycle is a type of ground cycle used as a means of covering relatively small areas for scouting and general work purposes, particularly over challenging terrain. They are commonly found as part of the equipment carried by explorers.

The cycle is light (weighing approximately 73kg[1]), but robust. It consists of a sturdy polymer shell over a lightweight alloy frame.

As an "off-road" vehicle, the cycle can handle tight spaces and rugged terrain, up to a 60 degree slope on the ascent. Its oversized, self-sealing tires make it exceptionally good at traversing areas of boggy ground without sinking into the mire. Combined with the lack of mass, the tires give sufficient buoyancy that the cycle actually floats on water when not burdened by a rider.

The cycle is modular, and can be disassembled and packed away in less than five minutes. The "packed" size of the cycle is just over 1 cubic meter.

The primary drawbacks of such cycles are range (only 500km due to the use of a Type-0 parabattery), and lack of passenger/cargo capacity (no passengers, and only 30kg / 750 cubic centimeters - about the size of a large backpack).

Exploration/Utility ground cycles cannot be armored, nor can weapons be mounted.

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This article by ChrisDonovan. The cycle is inspired by the Russian "Taurus" 2x2, which is depicted above.

  1. Approximately 160 pounds.
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