Gunnery skills cover Energy Weapons or Rocket Weapons on spaceships and space stations. There is a misconception that Gunners shoot at enemy ships like they are playing a video game, where the Gunner is moving a cross-hair on enemy ships with a joystick, but the truth is, much of the aiming and weapon systems are automated because the speed and scale of ship-to-ship goes beyond human-capability. A ship's weapons can be fired by the ship's computer alone, but a trained Gunner can increase the effectiveness of the ship's weapons. This is the easiest skill to learn with regards to spaceship operation, but it is also the skill that is in the least demand.

In the UPF Spacefleet, Gunnery is a secondary skill learned (at level 1) by all graduate officers.

When a character spends experience points for Gunnery skill, he must specify whether he is learning Energy Weapon or Rocket Weapon.

The qualifications needed to obtain a 1st level Energy Weapon skill are: Beam Weapons 6.*

The qualifications needed to obtain a 1st level Rocket Weapon skill are: Projectile Weapons 4, Gyrojet Weapons 2.*

(*see Military PSA)

The ship weapons covered by these two skills are listed below:

Level EP Cost Daily Wage
1 6 +15
2 12 +30
3 20 +45
4 30 +60
5 50 +75
6 75 +90
Skill Weapons Covered
Energy Weapons: Laser Cannons
Laser Batteries
Proton Beam Batteries
Electron Beam Batteries
Disruptor Beam Cannons
Rocket Weapons: Torpedoes
Assault Rockets
Rocket Batteries

The gunnery sub-skills are:

Improve Accuracy (Modifier: +5% x skill level)

This sub-skill gives a gunner a better chance to hit a target with ship-mounted weapons. A gunner can apply this sub-skill to only one weapon per turn. The bonus can be combined with the pilot's forward-firing weapons bonus, however.

When player-character gunners are onboard spaceships, use the lower percentages in the shaded columns of the Advanced Game Combat Table. The higher, un-shaded percentages are adjusted to reflect the skills of NPC gunners onboard military ships.

Selective Targeting (Modifier -30%)

This sub-skill lets a gunnery expert shoot at a specific system on an enemy ship. External systems only (those visible from out side the ship) can be attacked, so Life Support systems, astrogation controls, damage control equipment, computers and electrical systems cannot be targeted selectively. To use this sub-skill, the attacking ship must be within 10,000 kilometers (in the same hex) of its target. The gunner declares what system he is targeting, and rolls to hit with a -30% modifier, in addition to all other modifiers that apply. The gunner can use his Improve Accuracy sub-skill with Selective Targeting. If the shot hits, the damage is applied directly to the targeted system as described on the Advanced Game Damage Table. If the shot misses, it is considered a clean miss and causes no damage.

If the system that is hit can receive several grades of damage on the Advanced Game Damage Table, a random die roll should be used to determine how badly the system is dam aged. It the ship's hull is hit, there is a 50% chance it will suffer double damage.

EXAMPLE: A gunnery expert using selective targeting hits the drive of an enemy ship. According to the damage table, this can reduce the ship's ADF by 1, by half of its total, or completely to 0. In this case, the referee decides that the gunner must roll 1d10. A result of 1-3 means 1 ADF is lost, 4-6 means one-half of the ship's ADF is lost and 7-9 means the entire ADF is lost. A 0 is ignored and rerolled.

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