00-Gyrojet Pistol

Alpha Dawn Era Gyrojet Pistol

Misc AlbedoSuit

Human female PGC agent using a standard-issue gyrojet pistol to good effect.


Alpha Dawn gyrojet pistol, the standard PGC model.

Gyrojet Weapons are personal weapons that fire miniaturized, self-propelled rockets capable of fitting a variety of warheads, from the "standard" high explosive to gas-delivery systems capable of dispensing doze gas or airborne toxins or even tangler webbing.

Gyrojets are useful in that they require no power source and have no appreciable recoil, but they have a downside as well; they are not very effective at very short ranges because the rocket is still accelerating.

Skeinsuits and Inertia Screens are fairly effective in reducing the damage caused by the high-explosive ammunition.

A wide variety of pistols, rifles and heavy weapon are available for use:

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