Hakosoar is one of the habitable planets in the Scree Fron system, the other is Histran. It is orbited by two moons: Inti and Infi.

Moons: (2) Inti, Infi
Gravity: 0.9
Day: 50 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
% Water:

Trade: Agriculture, Industry
General Notes: Some of the best pilots in the frontier are from Hakosoar.
Native Species:
History: First discovered by Yazirians in 189 pf.

Government: Stratocracy. The leaders of Hakosoar are the planetwide career military leaders. All citizens are required to serve 2 years in the military, and it is considered an honor to be asked to stay. There is a very large standing military because of the mandatory military service. Some of the best pilots are trained here. Being stationed at Histran is generally a result of bringing negative attention to oneself in the military. Many career officers quit the military as opposed to taking the dishonor of the station. This is often an efficient tool to downsize the military, but the dishonor involved does not encourage a satisfied populace.

Law: (CR 5) Weapons of any identifiable type are only allowed to be carried by members of the military. Though because of the mandatory military service, the populace is generally versed in martial combat techniques. Undesireables are often transported to Histran to emsure the safety of the state.

Population: Yazirian Moderate. Approximately 2% non-Yazirian, most in employ of UniHo. Well trained in self-defense.

Society/Culture: The population of Hakosoar are generally followers of the Family of One, but this organization does not hold the power that it does on Hentz (Araks). Argonian is the primary language. Zamira combats are only allowed in sanctioned arenas run by the military. These duels are supervised, thus honorable and the results posted publically, but are generally a last resort to settle disputes because of the high injury potential among military trained participants. Challenges are often met with public apology and supplication upont he part of the weaker participant. Those who make it a practice to challenge Yazirians from off-planet are frowned upon and known as 'trudos' or 'throwers' in Argonian.

As undesireables, criminals, and other 'overflow' elements are often transported to Histran or move of their own accord, that planet is viewed as a cabal of criminals and malcontents.

¥ Hyyay: Headquarters of Universal Households.
§ Inti: Education
§ Infi: Mining

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