Hargut is the only habitable planet in the Gruna Garu system. It is a heavily populated world focused on business and resource mining.

Planetary Data Edit

  • Moons: (1) Trefrom
  • Gravity: 1.1
  • Day: 20 hours GST
  • Year:
  • Diameter:
  • Inclination: °
  • Orbit:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate Range:
  • Average Surface Temperature: °
  • % Water:
  • Trade: Business, Mining
  • Population: heavy, Yazirian
  • Native Species: Weeping Wallow
  • Major Cities: Heston - major spaceport and headquarters of WarTech Inc, Klaktow - largest city and headquarters of the Association of Intergalactic Power Suppliers

History Edit

Discovered by yazirians in PF 248. Hargut suffered massive population losses due to the Blue Plague, and the planet was quarantined from FY62 to FY67.

Government Edit

Hargut is governed by a confederation of clans.


This planet is a combination of cultures from Hentz (Araks) and Yast (Athor). Because of the higher than standard gravity, zamira duels must take place on Trefrom. As a result only the gravest insults trigger such duelsl and then only between those who can afford the time and credits to travel to the moon. This has led to dueling with swords becoming popular on Hargut itself. Using swords allows non-yazirians to engage in duels as well.


Hargut has a militia consisting of two assault scout-class ships and an Armed Space Station in orbit.

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