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Hatzck Narr's pirate band was a group of pirates who operated in the Frontier prior to the formation of the United Planetary Federation.

In 25 PF, Narr's small pirate fleet raided the Cassidine and Prenglar systems. Their depredations resulted in the First Common Muster in that year.

In 22 PF, the Muster defeated Narr's fleet off of Timeon. Narr was ejected into space and slowly boiled inside his spacesuit as he fell toward Timeon.[1]

Alternate Interpretation[]

The infamous Vrusk pirate Hatzck Naar began life as the Hatzck of House Naar. After becoming CEO of House Naar, he conceived a plan to turn the House into one of the new breed of Vrusk conglomerate companies. Liquidating company assets in the Fromeltar system he made an all-out gamble on the newly discovered Madderly's Star system, the newly organized Naar conglomerate upstaging the long-planned human colonization mission by half a year.

From the beginning, there was tension between the Vrusk and the Human colonists that went beyond racial differences. Different fundamental ideas regarding farming methods added to the tension and the feelings of marginalization felt by the human colonists.

The Naar Conglomerate came to dominate all aspects of the colony's society, and its corporate approach to farming quickly rendered the human colonists irrelevant with their sustainable/soft impact agricultural practices. The Free World Rebellion by the human colonists was quickly co-opted by radicals and led to massacres of Vrusk company personnel.

The Naar Conglomerate never recovered. With the few remaining company ships and a handful of loyal followers, Hatzck limped back toward Fromeltar. In the Dramune system he occupied the old vrusk observation and mining outpost on Outer Reach and embarked on a career of piracy.

His bitterness against the Vrusk business establishment and humanity as a whole made him an exceptionally vicious pirate. His depredations forced the civilized planets of the Frontier to form the First Common Muster.

When news of the Muster reached him on Outer Reach he embarked on a grand raid determined to destroy all space-based industry beginning with the human colonies. The Muster eventually caught and defeated his fleet in theTimeon system. Hatzck was boiled alive in his space suit after being ejected from an air lock on a trajectory toward the star.

It has long been rumored that the pirate known as the Star Devil was one of his lieutenants.

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