Araks III
Type: Terrestrial
Orbital Radius: 2.23x108 km (1.49 AU)
Local Year: 1.74x104 hours (1.99 standard years)
Gravity: 0.70
Notes: Theocratic terraformed home world of Yazirians.

System: Araks Planet: Hentz (Araks III) Day: 25 hours Gravity: 0.7 Hydrosphere: 41% (8% ice) Atmosphere: Dense, Breathable Climate: 10-46C, Average 20C Trade: Industrial - Imports are 15% of agricultural products from Hakosoar; 50% of agricultural products from Yast; and 90% of raw materials from Hargut. Exports of industrial products go to Yast and Hargut. Native Life: Special Government: Theocracy Populations Density: Heavy, 95% Yazirian Life Forms: Records show that no intelligent life originated on Hentz.  During the Yazirian Relocation, the planet was terraformed using the flora, fauna, and environments from Waloo (in the Pavor system). </poem>


Discovered in 341 pf, Hentz was the first colony world established by the Yazirians. It was merely a mining colony for 50 years. After the discovery of the weakening orbit of Levo, the planet became the first terraformed world during the Yazirian Relocation. This lasted, in full force, for 30 years, the first 23 during which Waloo was still intact, and the latter during which environments were still being reconstructed and syntesized on Hentz. There were some changes made due to the new environment and the new geography of Hentz, as well as several environmental rejections, but aside from the change of the size and color of the sun and the absence of the moon, the planet is much like the original. This was a time of great social cohesion for the Yazirians as well as a time of great scientific learning about both systems, the life on the planet(s), terraforming, and transportation. The government of Waloo was similarly transported in whole to Hentz. At the end of the 30 years the government returned to their pre-disaster states.


Hentz is ruled by a religious clan, the Family of One. This government evolved from that of the transplanted government from Waloo (Pavor). The head of the government is a High Priest, but local politics are handled by Priests, appointed by the High Priest and overseen by the High Priest's network of clandestine Overseers.


The law of Hentz is purely in the hands of the priesthood.  The law is swift and severe on Hentz.


Argonian is the language of the Yazirians of Hentz. It is believed that this language was given to all of their God's chosen. When the Yazirians finally met non-Yazirians the realization that all sentient creatures did not speak the same tongue led to a dissenting group forming. This group adopted a reconstructed ancient sub-language and eventually emigrated to Yast (Athor).

The city of Onehome is also the headquarters for GOD-Co., the terraforming mega-corp. Everyone who lives one Hentz or workds for GOD-Co. wears a uniform denoting his job and social position.

Artificial SatellitesEdit


Hentz has a militia consisting of three assault scouts and one frigate, sporting the national colors: white on dark blue.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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