Histran is one of the two habitable planets in the Scree Fron system, the other is Hakosoar.

Moons: (7) Olim, Duae, Minae, Fornax, Ingris, Sedeo, Certus
Gravity: 0.6
Day: 25 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
 % Water:
Trade: Education
General Notes: Histran is the location of the UPF outpost that keeps an eye on the Mechan system and the Lesser Morass.
Native Species:
History: First discovered by Yazirians in 189 pf.
Government: This planet is considered a colony of Hakosoar. It is under a more lax control of the same military as it's parent state. The majority of the military officers stationed here were sent here to get them out of the way. The officers who accept the position as opposed to de-enlisting are generally stubborn, believe they can regain favor, or are too obtuse to recognize the message they were being given by the station.
Law: (CR 3-4) Sidearms are allowed, because of the more dangerous terrain (and the government's inability to enforce controls).
Population: Yazirian Outpost. Most of the population of Histran have been relocated there from Hakosoar. 30% non-Yazirian, many UPF officials.
Society/Culture: Many of the inhabitants of Histran were considered undesirable on Hakosoar. This includes criminal elements, political aggrivators and dissidents, dissatisfied persons who are unhappy with the strict military rule, etc. Many of the members of the military are inefficient and out of favor with the rulers of Hakosoar. Population overflow has also been moved to the planet, though generally the lower echelons of Hakosoar are moved. The planet shares the Argonian language with it's parent planet.
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§ Duae:
§ Minae:
§ Fornax:
§ Ingris:
§ Sedeo:
§ Certus:

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