Port Loren Central Hospital

Central Hospital and Medical Complex, Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prenglar

Hospitals are medical facilities. They greatly accelerate the rate by which a character may recover Stamina from injuries. A character may recover up to 20 points of lost Stamina per day at a base cost of 50 credits plus 1 credit per point of Stamina recovered.[1] Better hospitals may increase that rate even further to 40 points a day through more intensive treatment at a base cost of 500 credits plus 3 credits per point of stamina recovered.[2]

Certain types of medicine, such as the installation of Anti-Shock Implants,[3] Oxy Drug Injectors,[4] Tracer Implants,[5] and the injecting of Universal Antibody vaccinations may only be done in a hospital.[6]

Advanced medical procedures, such as cloning, regeneration, and Experimental Matrix Analysis may only take place in advanced hospital facilities.

Service Costs: 50 Cr +1 Cr per point of STA (basic healing) / 500 Cr +3 Cr per point of STA (intensive healing)

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