Hover Car/Skimmer
Manufacturer: Various companies
Cost to Own: 8,000 Cr
Rental Cost: 50 Cr plus 75 Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Hover
Top Speed: 250m/t (150kph)
Turn Speed: 70m/t (42kph)
Acceleration Speed: 80m/t
Deceleration Speed: 40m/t
Powerplant: x1 Type 2 Parabattery
Range: 1,000km
Fuel Economy: 1 SEU/km
Crew: 1
Passengers: 5
Cargo Limit: 150 kg, 1 cubic meter
Armaments: None
Armor: None
Other Equipment: None

Hover Cars, or "Skimmers", are similar to automobiles, but have protected hoverfans instead of of wheels. They float on a cushion of air 30 centimeters (about a foot) above the ground.[1] A pair of turbo fans propel it through the air. In general, hover vehicles are faster than ground vehicles, but are less maneuverable and are limited to travelling on fairly level surfaces or calm water. On city streets, they are controlled by magnetic field generators that are built into the roads, that force them to slowdown when making turns or crossing intersections.[2]

Military ModificationEdit

Although unusual, hover cars can be fitted with weapons and armor fittings. On most civilized worlds, operating a modified combat ground car without proper permits or authority is highly illegal. Such vehicles are typically armed patrol cars and caravan outriders. Vehicles fitted with concealable weapons and armor fittings are likely designed for criminal activity or insurgency.

If armed, a hover car can be fitted with a small or medium vehicular turret, up to 6 coats of armor (3 for concealed coats) and up to 4 slots for vehicle-mounted weapons. Each coat costs 4000 credits (this includes reflective coating), or 6000 for concealed coats. Screens, such as Albedo or Inertia, are powered by an econopack — 250 SEU, 25kg, 1250 credits — and requires 15,000 credits for assorted systems and adapters.


  1. These vehicles are fairly advanced versions of modern-day hovercraft and are nothing like repulsorlift landspeeders of the Star Wars universe.
  2. This allows the vehicles to drive and corner like Ground Cars on city streets.

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