Husp is a slang term for the Human Supremacists native to New Pale. The group practices a philosophy called human superiority. The members of HUSP preferred the isolation of New Pale and did not want it "contaminated" by the other races. Pale used its military to coerce the weaker government into allowing other races to settle there. Pale saw this as a way to increase food production on New Pale and perhaps drive food costs down.

Several months latter, the HUSPs banded together and began terrorizing the new colonists, also attacking Pale's "colonial protection" forces.

The government of New Pale has virtually become a puppet but there is a dissident underground government that claims to be the only legitimate government of New Pale. Members of HUSP and other groups form this congress but it serves as little more than a mouth piece for spouting hate and racially-colored speech.

(cited from Dragon Magazine issue #98, The Volturnus Connection, by Stephen Bonario)

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