Character undergoing hypno-training,

Hypno-Training is a teaching system that involves hypnotism, memorization, and the use of drugs that improve the mind's ability to learn.[1] As part of this process, the learner uses a special device (usually a helmet known as a "teaching helmet") in conjunction with micro-cassettes called "teaching tapes" with recorded subliminal instructions in the skill(s) being taught.[2]

A character with enough experience points can learn a new skill or skill level at a hypno-training center in five days (100 hours) for 100 credits. Star Law and many corporations (among others) maintain such centers.[3]

Temporary Learning[edit | edit source]

Hypno-training can be used in an abbreviated fashion to give a character a skill on a temporary basis.[4] The process takes only 2 days, but the skill involved is retained for a maximum of 600 hours (30 standard days).

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