Infra-red goggles with active IR source

Infra-red (IR) goggles are wearable optics allow a character to see heat images in total darkness. Capable of operating in a passive mode (using only ambient heat) or with the assistance of an active IR source, they can be used to spot characters that are hidden in light foliage or darkness, or that are using a holo belt.

An Infra-Red Jammer hides the wearer from infra-red sensors, including IR goggles.

Infra-red goggles may be installed as part of a robot's optical sensor package at a cost of an additional 30 credits. Characters with Robotics skill and access to a RobCom kit may do the work themselves.

Cost: 300 Cr
Mass (kg): --

Nightgoggles[edit | edit source]

WarTech Incorporated's XL-6 nightgoggles

Nightgoggles are a common alternative to IR goggles; marginally lighter (but no less bulky), these optics do not use active emitters but simply amplify ambient light, effectively giving the wearer the night vision of a Yazirian. Nightgoggles provide no benefit to a Yazirian and, unlike IR goggles, do not function in total darkness.

If a character wearing nightgoggles is suddenly exposed to bright light, they must make a Reaction Speed check or be blinded 1d10 turns.

As with magnigoggles and infra-red goggles, the equivalent optics can be installed as part of a robot's sensor package at an additional cost 25 Cr. Characters with Robotics skill and a RobCom kit may do the work themselves.

Cost: 250 Cr
Mass (kg): --

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