Type: Large Carnivore
Number: 1-2
Move: Fast
IM/RS: +5/50
Stamina: 100
Attack: 80
Damage: 3d10 bite
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: Soft cover while in water
Native World: Volturnus – fresh water


The jawfish is a large predatory fish similar to a shark. Its jaws, more than a meter wide, are filled with thousands of razor-sharp teeth.

The jawfish will attack anything in the water smaller than 10 meters long. If the players are aboard any type of craft, the jawfish is 70% likely to attack it rather than the players. Anytime the jawfish attacks a craft, it will overturn the craft, tossing the players into the water. Note, however, the jawfish will still attack the craft 70% of the time as long as the craft remains afloat. If the jawfish attacks a player, it will attack one of them at random.

The jawfish will attack only once every three turns, circling its intended victim for two turns between attacks. After making five attacks, the jawfish will loose interest and swim away.

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