Kdikit is the only inhabitable planet in Madderly's Star system.

The headquarters of MercCo are located in the city of Buckerton..

Moons: (5) Shang-Ti, Tsukiy, Zeus, Jupiter, Odin
Gravity: 1
Day: 30 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
% Water:
Trade: Industry, Agriculture
General Notes:
Native Species:

History: The Madderly's Star system was discovered by Vrusk and Humans in 310 pf. Nine years later, the Humans on Kdikit, feeling the Vrusk were dominating the government system, revolt in what is known as the Freeworld Rebellion.
In FY96, Kdikit was attacked by Sathar Fleet #1. The Space Fortress Kdikit resisted the attack and bought the time needed for reinforcements (from Dramune and the UPF militia) to arrive. Eventually the Sathar Fleet #1 was driven from the system and pursued as it moved towards Fromeltar.

Government: The chief government of Kdikit is a council of 4 elected officials, one of each race. Each race elects its own races representative. This leads to various racial tensions as each representative is seen as the embodiment of each races desires and goals.

Law: (CR 2) Most weapons are allowed on the planet. Assaults and kills which are reported are generally dealt with in a much less strict manner than unreported ones, depending upon the justification given. A tribunal is held to determine whether or not there was enough justification for the action allowing for the victim or victim's representatives to speak. Killing of humans by non-humans is still generally dealt with more harshly than other races, a throwback to past legal history.

Population: Human Moderate.

¥ Buckerton: Major city. Headquarters of MercCo and Estronsa Finance. A huge MercCo training base is located about five kilometers north of Buckerton.
¥ Stysor City: Location of Stysor Arms manufacturing and laboratories.

ª§ Artificial Satellites: SF, DS, TS
ª§ UPF Space Fortress Kdikit

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