Ken'zah-Kit is the only habitable world in the K'aken-Kar system. It is predominantly inhabited by Vrusk. It is moderatly populated and most economic activity is in the agricultural sector. Gravity is 0.9 and the day is 25 GST hours long. While Ken'zah-Kit lacks natural satellites there is a UPF Fortified Space Station orbiting the planet.

Moons: None
Gravity: 0.9
Day: 25 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °
% Water:
Trade: Agriculture, Business
Native Species: Tick-tock Trees
Law: (CR 3) Weapons 6. No weapons are allowed to be carried by the general populace. Laws on other issues are generally far less controlling. If it's bad for business, it's bad for the planet.
Population: Vrusk Heavy

General NotesEdit

Though the government of Ken'zah-Kit may parallel certain socialist societies, it's appearance is very much as a corporation controlled society. History: Discovered by Vrusk in 280 pf. Task Force Prenglar regrouped in this system in FY97 during SWII. Sent an exploratory team to the Debaran system in FY127.8. A starliner was hijacked from this sytem and take to Arsolus(Debaran) by pirates in FY128.2.


Ken'zah-Kit is a company-owned planet. The government itself is Ken'zah Inc.; since nearly every native inhabitant works for the company, the government boasts the highest active participation by ruled members on the Frontier. Ken'zah Inc. is the company which was originally formed to facilitate the Flight of the Vrusk (see Kit-Kit(Kar)). Ken'zah Inc.'s sole purpose as a corporation is to look after the well being of the inhabitants of the planet. It is thus a non-expansionistic corporation, and profits are generally used to better the environment of the planet and well-being of its workforce/populace. All of the business done by Ken'zah Inc.'s ultimate goal is to better the planet. Smaller businesses which aren't associated with KI are allowed to exist so as to provide competition for capitalistic impetus. These businesses pay taxes as if located in any other capitalistic government structure and are able to survive quite well if they are able to produce better goods. These businesses also help to keep 'rebels' of society satiated. KI is responsible for the education of the children of the planet, and ultimately ends up employing the vast majority of them. Thus the company controls the lives of its citizens, but has quite a broad education system, as opposed to creating mindless robots tailored for certain positions. Those who do not wish to work for KI are not penalized, though occasionally pitied.


The culture of Ken'zah is much like a streamlined version of what once existed on Kit-Kit(Kar). It has become 'streamlined' due to the merger of the society into a single corporation. Those who do not give their all for their job and thus the planet are held in very low regard. Most cases of violence reported on the planet is against those who seem to take more than they produce, slack, etc. This has on occasion led to violence against handicapped individuals, special interest groups, etc. There is also on occasion some hostility towards those beings who after being educated by the KI company leave the fold. Vrusk on Ken'zah-Kit almost never say their company name before their own, as that is almost a universal (and thus a waste of energy). Vrusk who do not work for the company (and other races) are required to use their company name first.

¥ Kra K'ow City: Starport.
¥ Valentina City: K'onklave Complex located there, as well as a Vrusk Center for Children.
¥ Southern Kalph: University of Southern Kalph: sciences and astrophysics
ª§ Doliin Bay: FSS
ª§ Ken'Zah Station: TS (4)
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