Kir'-Kut is one of two habitable planets in the Solar Minor system, the other planet is Circe.

Moons: None
Gravity: 1.2
Day: 18 hours
Inclination: °
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature: °C
 % Water:
Trade: Business
General Notes: Kir'-Kut is a mega-corp planet that was colonized by SynthCorp for the purposes of experimenting with foodstuffs required by Vrusk.
Native Species:
History: The Solar Minor system was discovered in FY78.
The entire system was overpowered by the Sathar Fleets #2 & #3 in FY96 that no word of the attack was able to be sent to Spacefleet. The population of Circe was enslaved and moved to Outpost #1 in FY98.8.
Resettlement began in full scale in FY107, no longer a mega-corp controlled planet.
Government: Plutocracy. Rule by the 109 richest beings on the planet (in three levels of control), with the term running for 10 years. Though Synth-Corp lost governmental control after the invasion, it is still in control of much of the planet. This stems from being allowed to maintain control of their pre-invasion properties and holdings and because the majority of the returning population after the war were apologists who defended the name of Synth-Corp.
Law: (CR 3-2) Unconcealed melee weapons and pistols are allowed. The majority of the law is for the protection of the wealthy, and thus the police have the power to further limit the weapons and rights of the less wealthy.
Population: Vrusk/Human Light.
Society/Culture: The majority of the population is concerned with wealth and trying to show that wealth whenever possible. Extremely touchy about Synth-Corp and SWII.
¥ City:
ª§ Artificial Satellites: TS

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