Laco (Dixon's Star) was originally settled by Humans. Laco is famous for its copper and diamond mines. There are a large number of mining outposts scattered about the planet.

Planetary Data Edit

  • Moon(s): Saucer
  • Gravity: 1.4
  • Day: 60 hours
  • Climate Range: Hot day and freezing night.
  • Average Surface Temperature: 22°C (45° at day, -1° at night)
  • % Water: 8%
  • Trade: Industry, Mining. Imports are 95% of industrial products from Gran Quivera.
  • Native Life: Plant life in rolling hills is generally scrub brush.

Terrain/Climate Edit

Most of Laco is dominated by desert climate such as the Great Laconian Desert, which, while not being extremely hot is very rough and rugged terrain. Even the plains (known as boulder fields) have thousands of boulders scattered among them, from meters to hundred of meters in size. The 30 hour day is hot, remaining 45°C for most of the daylight hours, and night temperatures are generally just below freezing, causing what little atmospheric water is present to condense on the ground where it quickly evaporates in the morning.

The majority of civilization is focused in urban areas, where protection from the environment is available. This means that most of the outlying country is still very much wilderness. Many roads are nothing more than crushed rock macadam obtained cheaply from mining enterprises.

History Edit

Laco was originally founded by Humans in 322 pf. During the First Sathar War, tens of thousands fled to Laco from Pale and New Pale in the Truane's Star system after the Sathar attacked. Since Laco was an industrial planet with no agricultural production,[1] the survivors soon began to starve to death. If not for the intervention of the Capellan Free Merchants, the entire population might have been lost.[2]

Lacking any sort of effective government and with a severely reduced population, Laco looked to the mega-corps for assistance. Conflicting interests soon arose and led to "Laco's War" between PGC and the Streel Corporation.  This decades-long conflict led to tens of thousands of deaths on the planet and more than a dozen spaceships destroyed.

Today, Laco's primary industries are owned by PGC.

Government Edit

Laco is a libertarian democracy. Due to the tremendous influence of the Alliance for the Rights of the People (ARP), which is headquartered on Laco, the government is being increasingly downsized and streamlined. This has caused no major changes in the way the planet is run yet.

Law Edit

Weapons which are used in just one hand are all currently legal in settlements on Laco, though the only grenades allowed are ones which do not cause pain. Others are legal in the wilderness areas. This is likely to become more lenient under the influence of ARP though the grenade law is to protect innocents.

Population Edit

Human. Moderate.

Society/Culture Edit

Many of the inhabitants of Laco are sympathetic to the libertarian ideals of ARP.

Cities and Settlements Edit

  • Northslope - Headquarters of LRM Enterprises, the largest mining interest on the planet.
  • Verbati - Headquarters of the ARP

Orbital Bodies Edit

  • Saucer - moon
  • Diamond Station - FSS, TS


  1. It is impossible to maintain a population in the mid to high millions or low billions with the ship production capacity cited in canon.
  2. Clear case of "writer did not do the research" into how space travel works in the Frontier.
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