Land Whale
Land Wale.jpg
Type: Giant Omnivore
Number: 1
Move: Medium
IM/RS: +3/25
Stamina: 300
Attack: 65
Damage: 1d10 bite
Special Attack: Successful bite swallows prey; swallowed victim cannot attack
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – dry plains


A land whale looks like a 10-meter long whale with eight short legs. Its jaws are hinged sideways. A land whale will swallow anything in its path, moving until its large mouth is full before stopping to digest the food. Land whales travel alone. They can move swiftly, but start slowly. They can start moving at a speed of 10 meters/turn, and can accelerate 10 meters/turn until they reach their top speed of 60 meters/turn.

A character bitten by a land whale must roll his Reaction Speed or less to avoid being swallowed. A swallowed character will automatically take 1d10 damage each turn until cut out of the land whale.

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