Landfleet (formally known as the United Planetary Federation Landfleet) is the ground combat arm of the UPF, established to defend the races of the Frontier from external threats.[1] Formed in 82 FY during the Second Sathar War, it is the first true interplanetary army in Frontier history.

Immediately upon the formation of Landfleet, large numbers of Osakar and Humma migrate from the Rim Coalition to join, hoping the keep the Sathar from invading Rim systems. By 84 FY, Landfleet is given time become a formidable army,[2] including such elements as the "Hoppin' Hundred and Eighth" Humma Elite Forces.[3]

In 88 FY, Landfleet is used to engage in the Siege of Outpost 1. Shuttled planet-side under heavy fire from Sathar forces, the Siege will not end until 90 FY. Forty percent of Landfleet is destroyed with non-Federation citizens making up thirty percent of that number.[4]

In 93 FY, the Council of Worlds makes a scaled-down Landfleet a standing force. Outpost 1 is established as a UPF military world, and a Landfleet garrison including the Hoppin' Hundred and Eighth is assigned there permanently.[5]

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