Archaic laser pistol

Archaic laser pistol

Archaic Laser Pistols represent laser technology that hasn't been manufactured for many decades or centuries. On very rare occasions they show up aboard some ancient derelict or wreck, in the back of a junk shop, or as a lovingly kept family heirloom.

Completely outclassed by modern energy weapons, their damage is fixed at 2d10 per shot, and each shot draws the equivalent power from their power source of 2 SEU. They have half the range of modern lasers due to more primitive lasing elements and weigh twice as much.

Light laser pistol

another archaic laser pistol

Their power packs are so primitive that they cannot be recharged from sources with modern connections. A Technician can attempt to jury rig a connector. To do so, they must make a Repair Machinery check at -25%. Failure means that the weapon's power pack will be ruined (succeed or fail, the connector no longer works with modern devices). Any Repair check on the pistol itself is likewise at -25%.

Given their obsolescence, archaic laser pistols are almost impossible to buy or sell, except to/from collectors or possibly a museum. Therefore, no standard price is listed - it could be anything from a handful of credits to tens of thousands.

This item is introduced mostly as something for characters to find as mentioned above, or as an adventure seed (the characters might be hired to transport one safely from owner to owner, or to steal one, etc). The marquee image is of a Lost in Space laser pistol.

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