Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Laser Pistol
Laser pistol

Alpha Dawn PGC-1 Laser Pistol

The so-called "standard" Laser Pistol is a light-based energy weapon widely popular in the Frontier. It accepts standard powerclips or can be attached to a power beltpack or power backpack.

Laser pistols have an adjustable power setting ranging from 1 to 10, consuming an equal number of SEU per shot; lower settings are less damaging than higher settings, but all settings are technically "lethal", with no available "stun" setting.

Pan-Galactic Corporation markets the PGC-1 in various models, including one which is packed with survival kits in the lifeboats of starships exploring the Frontier. The PGC-1 is highly ergonomic and easily usable by human, yazirian, dralasite and vrusk hands, though a vrusk version is available which is more comfortable for their hand anatomy.

PGC-1V Laser Pistol

PGC-1 Laser Pistols in use; Standard and Vrusk variants.

Besides the PGC-1, other laser pistol models are available, such as the KE-1500, as well as lighter,

more concealable versions like the KE-1000.

A wide range of accessories are available for Laser Pistols, including Shoulder Stocks, Barrel Extensions and Optic Sights, which effectively convert the Pistol into a carbine.[1]

LaserPistol PGC-1

Alpha Dawn PGC-1 laser pistol, Human / Yazirian model. The PGC-1 is regarded on the Frontier as a reliable and lightweight weapon with low maintenance requirements, although obviously not nearly as rugged as an automatic weapon. It is a favoured sidearm of spacers due to its ability to function in nearly all kinds of atmosphere as well as in vacuum. Unlike an automatic firearm, the laser does not need the correct oxygen-nitrogen mix for combustion, and its powerclip can easily be recharged from any kind of power source.

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  1. Accessories are listed in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space pp. 66-7. BodyComps also include progits capable of improving the capabilities of a personal weapon.
Misc LaserPistol PGC-1 Vrusk

Alpha Dawn PGC-1 laser pistol, Vrusk variant model. Note that this version has no separate safety; instead, the weapon will only fire if all five triggers are pressed simultaneously. (The fin-shaped projections on the ball grip are there to ensure that if the weapon is accidentally dropped, the triggers are clear of whatever it lands on.) Humans and Yazirians find the weapon´s handling somewhat awkward, but are able to use it without decrease in performance.

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