UPFS Courageous under assault by Malthar-backed Outer Reach militia ships during the Dramune War.

Light cruisers (or simply Cruisers) are fast and heavily-armed ships which carry an average of 85 crew members. These warcraft maneuver as well as destroyers, but carry more weapons.

  • Hull Points: 70
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Factor: 3
  • Maneuver Rating: 2
  • Damage Control Rating: 100
  • Weapons: disintegrator assault-cannon, laser (or xaser) battery, electron battery, proton battery, 6 missile batteries, 4 (anti-matter) torpedoes
  • Optional Weapons: 8 gravity-well projectiles
  • Defenses: reflective hull, electron screen, stasis screen, 8 ICMs
  • Crew Members: 70 to 100

Cruisers cannot absorb as much damage as a battleship, but they can make three jumps before requiring an engine overhaul.

Ships of the Line

Known UPF Ships: Known Sathar Attack Vessels
(by code names):
  • UPFS Akogu
  • UPFS Courage (Courage)
  • UPFS Courageous (Orion)
  • UPFS Dauntless
  • UPFS Formidable
  • UPFS Glory (Courage)
  • UPFS Grazznar
  • UPFS Honor
  • UPFS Integrity
  • UPFS Intrepid
  • UPFS Kwadl-Kin
  • UPFS Orion (Orion)
  • SAV Atrocious
  • SAV Callous
  • SAV Deathstroke (Faminewind)
  • SAV Famine
  • SAV Faminewind (Faminewind)
  • SAV Foul (Hellon)
  • SAV Heartless
  • SAV Hellion (Hellon)
  • SAV Malevolent
  • SAV Murderous
  • SAV Pestilience
  • SAV Sanguinary
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