The Lossend Ranger Service patch featuring a stylized image of Mt. Spire rising above the planet.

The Lossend Ranger Service (aka: Rangers or Lossend Rangers) is a planet-wide police force that is responsible for law enforcement, forestry, and wild game management on Lossend. The Lossend Ranger Service administrates the continental game preserve which was set aside for native wildlife.

The Rangers eventually took responsibility for interplanetary cargo inspections to prevent ecological disasters from imported flora or fauna that might damage Lossend’s agricultural industry. At the close of the Second Sathar War, Tachton donated surplus armed shuttles and fighters to the Lossend government and the Lossend Space Rangers were organized as a formal militia, although they lack truly interstellar capable hulls. They are made up of a Wing of fighters, and are stationed on O'Donnal's Station.

The Space Ranger patch has an image of one of the squadron's fighters overlaying the planet.

(Cited from Frontier Explorer Magazine issue #1, by Tom Verreault)

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