Type: Large Carnivore
Number: 1
Move: Slow (10m/t) (walking)

Very Fast (90m/t) (diving)

IM/RS: +6/55
Stamina: 125
Attack: 55 (ground)

50 (air)

Damage: 4d10
Special Attack: Dive and knockout 35%
(RS check to avoid knockout but still suffers regular damage)
Special Defense: N/A
Native World: Lossend – Mountains

High in the cliffs of Lossend's Mount Spire live the closest thing to the dragons of human mythology ever to be found. These two meter long six limb beasts come complete with a horned tail and wings. Though not capable of full flight these dragons are adept gliders. They use their powerful limbs and strong claws to scale the cliff faces of Mount Spire and wait upon outcroppings for their prey to pass below. They then leap from their perches and extend their fore limbs, stretching out the wings attached between their fore limbs and spine. Their wings are adeptly built to allow hurtling dives which they arrest at the last moment when they grapple their prey with their four hind limbs. The wings are strong, bound by a network of ligaments and muscles attached to a radiating set of wing bones. Dive speeds nearing 90m/s have been achieved by their powerful outstretched wings.

The Lossodragons have exceptional eyesight and use it to spy other avian creatures and large grazing animals feeding upon the slopes of Mount Spire. Their four eyes allow them to watch the ground below with the forward pair and the sky forward with the upper pair. However, their night vision is poor so they seldom hunt in the dark.

Lossodragons mate for life but are only found together during mating season. They are mammalian and typically give birth to twins each year. Occasionally triplets will be born. The pups are no more than 15 cm long at birth and are totally dependent upon their mother for survival. Typically, only one of the offspring survives to adolescence and leaves its parents' perch. Additionally, adolescent life for Lossodragons is dangerous and about half of all adolescents are killed by predators when the dragons are vulnerable on the lower slopes when they have descended too far down Mount Spire. Only full grown adult Lossodragons are safe on the lower slopes.

The Lossend government is well known throughout the frontier for its planetary conservation and wildlife management. Lossend has successfully established a big game industry in balance with their wildlife conservation. Lossodragons are the crowning jewel of Lossend's big game industry. Hunting tags for Lossodragons are the priciest and are most rare on the Lossend Game Department hunting list.

(Lossodragon cited form Frontier Explorer issue #1, by Tom Verreault)

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