Magma Monster
Magma Monster
Type: Special
Number: 1 adult, 100+ young
Move: Very Slow
IM/RS: +3/30
Stamina: 150
Attack: 30
Damage: 3d10 burn
Special Attack: No range penalty up to 50m
Special Defense: Immune to needler, projectile, stun, tangler, laser, frag gren.
Native World: Volturnus – caverns

Magma Monsters are a type of creature native to Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.

Description Edit

 A magma monster is ordinarily indistinguishable from the pool of lava it inhabits. For most of its life, it remains immersed in the lava, feeding off the tremendous heat. When it has stored enough energy to stimulate reproduction, the magma monster enters its "female" cycle. During this cycle, it assumes a semi-solid shape and allows itself to be shot from the pool of boiling lava onto a shelf or shore of solid rock, where it cools over several decades and forms a hard crust.

 When this happens, the magma monster is finally ready to reproduce. It opens a small hole in its outer crust and lays nearly 100 little round blobs of magma. Within 10 days of being laid, these blobs of magma form a hard outer crust, taking on the shape and size of billiard balls. After a century of further cooling (sometimes lying dormant, sometimes rolling around the cavern and hitting their siblings), the adult and the young return to the lava pool and begin this 1,000-year cycle again.

Behavior Edit

 If a stranger wanders into a cavern filled with magma monsters, the adult magma monster will take no action unless the stranger approaches the young. The magma monster will attack if any stranger touches its young (not if the young touch a stranger). It will open a small aperture and spew a stream of lava at its victim. This spurt may travel as far as 50 meters, and is shot with such force no modifiers for range are necessary.

Immunities and Defenses Edit

 Due to the magma monster's hard outer shell, it is not affected by tangier grenades, needler, or projectile weapons. Doze grenades and stun weapons of any sort will not affect it either since the magma monster's life force is based on thermal energy and these weapons are designed to achieve their effects through bio-chemical manipulation. Magma monsters take only 1/2 damage from lasers and fragmentation grenades.

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