Inspiration from Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

This is a weapon was created during the first Sathar war for the UPF special forces. It's quiet and has the range of most small laser pistols. The ice rounds are cooled at sub-zero temperatures to insure they won't melt while trying to hit their target. The rounds are stored in a five-round clip that keeps the rounds cool at sub-zero temperatures. When the round enters the chamber the round warms up by a hundred degrees or so from sub-zero, but it isn't enough to truly warm up the round to melting point. When the round is fired the magnetic firing mechanism pushes the round out faster than most projectile rounds and doesnt create any heat to melt the round. Then if it hits its target the ice round will penetrate the skin and shatter (causing a shrapnel effect), but if the person is found dead the autopsy will show nothing in the body.

ROF: 1 shot
Range: 5/10/15/20/-
Ice Shrapnel Range: 5/-/-/-/-
Clip: 5 rounds special cooling clip
Weight: 2 kg
Damage: 5D10+ per hit
Ice Shrapnel Damage: 1D5 + per hit
Cost: 800 Credits
Type: Projectile Weapon

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