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The Star Frontiers RPG Wiki is dedicated to the classic Star Frontiers RPG (role-playing game). All of the information available on this wiki is meant to help consolidate information and give both veteran gamers and newcomers all the information they ever wanted to know.

At the moment, much of this wiki is still under construction. This project is looking for art, articles (homebrew material and original canon), and plenty of editors/programmers to help better itself.

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To make it easier to navigate, this table lists the prominent categories on this wiki. As this site is under major renovation, this list is subject to change.

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The Star Frontiers game in all forms is owned by Wizards of the Coast Inc., Copyright 1982, 1983, 1985 TSR Inc., (now owned by WOTC). STAR FRONTIERS, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, and the WIZARDS OF THE COAST logo are trademarks belonging to Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. The free distribution of this revised edition of the out-of-print game system and additional material provided through submissions by fans like those here on this wiki, is not intended to detract income from Wizards of the Coast and is done here without permission.

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This wiki features a wide range of useful templates. Templates are pre-coded tables that allow editors to write out stats without having to create a table/info-box each time. Here are stats for: Creatures, Robots, Planets, Races, Spaceships, Stars, Vehicles and Weapons.

One of the key templates used on this wiki are special headers used to divide pages into topics and sup-topics. There are currently two headers: Header-A and Header-B.

Star Frontiers RPG Wiki News

  • 7/22/14:

This site is working on two large maps with keys. They include the Classic Map, and the Current Map from Zebulon's Guide.

Star Frontiers on the Web

Every month there will be a featured Star Frontiers website that will be featured in this section of the wiki. The point of this section is to increase SF gamers' knowledge of the online communities available to them.

Star Frontiersman Magazine [1]- community based magazine dedicated to the Star Frontiers role-playing game. The Star Frontiersman community has also been responsible for digitally remastering all of the old Star Frontiers material so people may be able to download them. Its sister website [2] has also helped contribute to newer fan-made material, which is meant to help expand this out-of-print game. Currently (June 2020) the magazine has put out twenty-five issues, all of which have to deal with the Star Frontiers role-playing game. The magazine itself deals with issues pertaining to rules, character races, the evil Sathar, and much more.

Featured Article

Dramune System

Star Color: Orange-Yellow

Habitable Planets: Inner Reach and Outer Reach

History: The Dramune System was first colonized in 302 PF by the Dralasites, whose race expanded in the Frontier from the direction of Fromeltar. Within several decades of the founding of the first settlement, members of all four races were living on both Inner and Outer Reaches.

At first the two planets developed in peaceful harmony. Trade flourished between them, as this is one of the few systems having more than than one habitable planet, and cheap system ships could be used for commerce. After several centuries, however, philospohical differences began to seperate the two societies. The dramatically different living conditions on the two planets caused them to develop along dissimilar paths, creating one of the most bitter and long-standing conflicts on the Frontier Read more here...

* Featured on: 07/15/2024