Masers are amplified microwave emitting beam weapons. Though the microwaves are emitted over a wide area, the major concentration is a tight invisible beam. The maser beam cannot be seen unless a character is wearing a pair of IR high resolution goggles (not to be confused with normal IR goggles). Anyone wearing IR high-res goggles may be temporarily or permanently blinded if looking at the maser when it is fired at them.

Maser fire only does damage to living organisms, but it can heat up liquids. Maser fire penetrates any type of defensive suit or screen except maser mesh or a gridsuit.

Maser Penetrator: The maser penetrator is a handgun that is slightly larger than a rafflur M-2 pistol. It uses minipowerclips.

Maser Penetrator II: The MP II (also known as the Razer) is the size of a small rifle and also uses minipowerclips.

Maser weapons are commonly designed to use minipowerclips, though there is no particular reason for this; other models can accommodate full-sized powerclips or even active-matrix power sources like beltpacks or backpacks.

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