Lower-caste Mechanon.

The Mechanon are one of the Eornic Races created on Volturnus. They evolved from intelligent robots, and were presented as a player character race in Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space.

Homeworld[edit | edit source]

Mechano, in the Mechan system. Originally from Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.

Physical Appearance and Structure[edit | edit source]

Propaganda image of a Mechanon[1]

Mechanon are roughly humanoid in stature. Their bodies vary in shape and size, and are developed according to caste and function, but are generally of a similar height and weight.

Their brains are made of variously colored crystals that form an artificially intelligent storage and computing device; a technology unknown to and much sought after by the other races.

Senses[edit | edit source]

Mechanon are usually equipped with sensors that give them visual and audio input roughly equivalent to Human eyes and ears. The warriors are also equipped with infra-red and night vision and have heightened hearing. The thinker class is believed to be equipped with all available optical enhancement devices and have extremely heightened hearing.

Though they can sense chemical compositions and touch pressure, Mechanon cannot appreciate smell, taste or sensation.

Speech[edit | edit source]

Mechanon have built-in poly-voxes and can be programmed with almost any language. The higher orders, warriors and thinkers, can learn new languages. The Mechanon voice is high and always sounds mechanical.

Society and Customs[edit | edit source]

Caste System[edit | edit source]

Mechanon evolved on Volturnus from primitive Eorna-built robots into a sapient race which could propagate mechanically. The robots used on the Frontier in everyday life are to the Mechanon what baboons are to the Yazirians: there is a certain similarity, but far more differences.

What little is known about Mechanon society indicates that it has a complex, strict caste system which does not allow for advancement from a lower caste to a higher one. More intelligent Mechanon occupy higher castes, and vice versa.

Property[edit | edit source]

Mechanon use standard robots to perform menial tasks, just as the other races do. Philosophy and the arts are completely non-existent and Mechanon cannot understand what organic beings see in these pursuits. Mechanon have no sense of public vs. private property. Supplies simply are created, exist, and are used as needed. There is no family unit.

Laws[edit | edit source]

There are few laws in Mechanon society. Every Mechanon is programmed with specific behavioral directives during construction. Noticeably fewer restrictions are placed on members of higher castes. At present, the Mechanon's crystalline technology is the envy of every government and mega-corp in the Frontier.

Attitude[edit | edit source]

Mechanon are beings of pure logic, so their motivations are based on where their logic takes them. If they find it logical to accompany a band of adventurers, they will do so for a purpose having a specific line of reason and oft times in fulfillment of a mission set forth by the Brain Mechanon of Mechano.

Mechanon society once had an aggressive tendency to seek to control or destroy organic life forms. Eventually that drive resulted in a schism in their society on Volturnus in FY 54, and the emigration of bulk of the Mechanon race to their present home.

Their fascist tendencies appear to have waned since they colonized their own planet. Recent studies have shown that of 100 randomly tested Mechanon, only five showed any signs of animosity or superiority complexes relating to organic sapients,[2] and that on the whole they are trying to become respectable members of the UPF community. Many people who have dealt with them in the last decade testify that they are no more difficult to work with than any other race and are possibly easier to deal with than the Humma.

Others, though, maintain the belief that the Mechanon are planning the overthrow of all biological races in the Frontier and cite their past cooperation with the Sathar as proof. The matter is hotly contested, and only time will settle it.

Racial Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ambidexterity. All Mechanon are ambidextrous, just as the Vrusk are.

Built-in Weapons. All members of the warrior class have at least one built-in weapon, usually a proton beam or laser. It is suspected that the thinkers have even more powerful armament.

Exceptional Intelligence. Most Mechanon castes have a set Logic score of 75. The thinker class has a Logic score of at least 95 and can figure out the use of any manufactured item in a matter of minutes.

Persuasion. Thinkers are also skilled debaters. They get +20 (+2 Column Shift) on efforts to persuade, and improves with experience.

Sample Names[3][edit | edit source]


Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  1. "A Second Look at Zebulon's Guide" [Zebulon's Guide official errata](Dragon #125) says on page 73: Page 3: The Mechanon pictured is a propaganda illustration issued by the planet Mechano itself to better the Frontier’'s image of Mechanons. In reality, Mechanons come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they are much deadlier looking than this cartoon version
  2. Some robo-psychologists are beginning to suspect that two completely different Mechanon societies may be evolving: one bent on peacefully coexisting with the other races, and another, smaller faction bent on destroying them.
  3. 25th AER rulebook
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