Medical Tabs (or Meditabs) are aspirin-sized tablets that come in different varieties.[1] They are used by explorers to temporarily combat unusual maladies. Examples include the following:

  • Aller-Tab: One tab blocks the effects of most allergies to alien flora or fauna for twelve full hours. Aller-tabs cost 2 credits.
  • Dehy-Tab: One tab prevents the Human, Ifshnit, Humma, or Yazirian body's dehydration from heat for twenty-four hours. Dehy-tabs cost 1 credit.[2]
  • Elasti-Tab: One tab prevents the Dralasite body from losing its elasticity or the Vrusk's chitinous body from locking up in freezing weather.
  • Fungi-Tab: One tab prevents most alien fungi from growing on or in the user's body for eight hours. Fungi-tabs cost 3 credits.

Notes and References Edit

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  2. GMs may expand that list to include all other Frontier races.
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