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A Medkit, also known as a Medikit, has all the specialized equipment a Medic needs to perform his or her job. It weighs 10 kg and can be carried as a backpack.

A fully-stocked standard Medkit costs 500 credits.

For refills, the following items cost 5 credits each: Antibody Plus, Antitox, Stimdosep, Staydose, Local Anesthetic and Omnimycin.

Biocort and Telol refills cost 10 credits each.

A standard medkit contains the following:

  • Acid neutralizer — 1 bottle of liquid to neutralize acids
  • Antiseptic* — 5 cans of spray to clean and disinfect a skin area
  • Autosurgeon — a special device that allows a medic to operate on himself
  • Electrosurgeon — a small machine that keeps wounds open and controls bleeding during surgery
  • Laser scalpel — used to make deep incisions
  • Medscanner — an electrical instrument used to diagnose ailments
  • Microforceps — adjustable, used to remove shrapnel and bullet fragments from wounds
  • Plastiflesh* — 5 cans of spray that closes wounds and heals burns
  • Sonic scalpel — tool for cutting plastic, metal or flesh; makes a smooth, bloodless incision up to 5 mm deep
  • Spray Hypo* — syringe used to give shots without a needle
    • Antibody Plus — 10 hypo doses that increase the body's ability to recover from diseases
    • Antitox — 10 hypo doses to neutralize poisons
    • Biocort — 20 hypo doses to stimulate very fast healing
    • Telol — 10 hypo doses of truth serum
    • Stimdose* — 10 hypo doses to revive unconscious individuals
    • Staydose* — 10 hypo doses to sustain a dying person for 20 hours
    • Local Anesthetic — 10 hypo doses to relieve pain
    • Omnimycin — 10 hypo doses to control infections

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are included in a First Aid Pack.[1]

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Notes & References[edit | edit source]

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