Minelayers are large, lightly armed ships . Their purpose is to place defensive mines and seeker missiles throughout a section of space.

  • Hull Points: 50
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Factor: 1
  • Maneuver Rating: 2
  • Damage Control Rating: 75
  • Weapons: 20 concussion mines, 4 seeker missiles, 2 laser (or xaser) batteries; 1 laser (or xaser) assault-cannon, 1 electron (or ion) battery, 1 (antimatter) torpedo[1]
  • Defenses: reflective hull, 4 ICMs
  • Crew Members: 30 to 40

Minelayers carry an average of 35 crew members. Although larger than a destroyer, a minelayer has a smaller area devoted to living quarters for the crew - since most of the ship is used to store mines and seeker missiles. Its ion engines are slow, but very reliable; a minelayer can make many jumps before it needs an overhaul.

Ships of the Line

Known UPF Minelayers:
  • UPFS Z'Rak't Zoz
  • UPFS Reliable
  • UPFS Durable
  • UPFS Zill-ikit
  1. Star Frontiers Knight Hawks: Military Ship Construction by Daniel R. "Delta" Collins; September 2013 (Delta's D&D Blogspot)
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