Morgaine's World (sometimes known as Prenglar IV due to its position in the Prenglar system) is one of the two habitable worlds in the system, the other is Gran Quivera.

Habitable World Data[edit | edit source]

Type: Terrestrial, arid, ringed
Orbital radius: 157.73 million km (1.06 AU)
Local Year: 223 standard days (111.5 local days)
Local Day: 40 standard hours
Gravity: 1.5
Diameter: 16,700 km
Hydrosphere: 20% water (0.12% ice)
Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 13% oxygen, 1% carbon dioxide, trace others.
Land Area: One large pangeatic continent, two small island continents with numerous islands.
Climate: Warm and arid, with large deserts, plains and scrublands.
Trade: Various businesses and industrial ventures, especially in the fields of medicine and food/agriculture.
Government: Representative
Population: Moderate human (approximately 5.2 billion)

Native Life[edit | edit source]

A wide variety of wildlife exists on Moragine's World and strict regulations are enforced to keep non-native species out. The beautifully plumed imukou bird is a prized find here, often found among kochor trees, equally valued for their fine hardwood.  The chyrr, a rodent pest found throughout the planet in a variety of subspecies, is the bane of farmers. This gopher-like creature eats virtually any plant and is highly resistant to all known pesticides. Of greater concern are the keddith, a predatory flightless bird (the chyrr's only main predator), the tevnarl (or Moragine's lion) and the poisonous fungal drape moss.

Space Stations[edit | edit source]

Gollwin Academy[edit | edit source]

Orbiting Morgaine's World, this station is the pre-eminent training facility for the Spacefleet and Star Law's Ranger Corps. Named for Admiral James Gollwin, the Academy produces the finest officers and rangers, as well as providing specialized training in many starship disciplines. Military research also takes place at Gollwin and some of the greatest advances in starship technology have been discovered here.

Sanctuary Station[edit | edit source]

This rest and relaxation station is arguably the finest in the Frontier. The best amenities and a spectacular view of Moragine's World below make it a destination for beings from everywhere in the UPF and Rim. Spacefleet officers are given great discounts at Sanctuary Station.

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