A Sathar agent firing his needle pistol at two pursuers.

PGC's DN4 pistol; human version of a Dralasite design. (Alpha Dawn)

Needle rifle. (Alpha Dawn)

Heavy needle pistol / Needler I. (Zebulon)

Needle carbine / Needler II. (Zebulon)

Needle rifle / Needler III, fitted with a scope and bipod for sniper work. (Zebulon)

Needleguns - commonly called needlers - are a class of personal weapon.

Needlers use an upright disc clip. They make only a very soft, coughing noise when they are fired. Needlers magnetically propel a cluster of needles at high speed. Two types of needles can be used.

  • Barbed needles cause 2d10 points of damage per shot.
  • Anesthetic needles cause only 1d10 points of damage per shot, but can put the victim to sleep for d100 turns. An individual can resist the anesthetic by passing a current Stamina check.

Sathar agents are rumoured to employ special (and very illegal) ammunition that delivers either a potent toxin or a drug that turns the victim into a mindless zombie. There is as yet no evidence to confirm this.

Needles will not penetrate skeinsuits or inertia screens; neither the suit, screen, or individual is damaged.

Alpha Dawn Needle Weapons[edit | edit source]

Needler Pistol (Alpha Dawn)[edit | edit source]

This handgun is used primarily for self-defense and crowd-control. Its small size, concealability, near-silent operation and ability to fire non-lethal rounds make it a favoured weapon of undercover agents throughout the Frontier.

Needler Rifle (Alpha Dawn)[edit | edit source]

A needler rifle has a longer range than its pistol counterpart; the barbed ammunition also does more damage, since its longer barrel gives the needles more velocity.[1]

Zebulon´s Guide Needle Weapons[edit | edit source]

Zebulon's Guide introduces three different classes of needler, a pistol, light carbine, and rifle version, all with basically the same stats but increased range. The stats are included on the right, translated into Alpha Dawn terms.[2]

Fan-made Needleguns[edit | edit source]

Heavy Needlegun [fan-made content][edit | edit source]

This heavy weapon must be mounted on a tripod or a swivel mount to fire. Except for its greater damage, ammo capacity, and range, it operates just like a needler rifle.

Refined Needlers [fan-made content][edit | edit source]

Needlers 1, 2, and 3

Crysguns[edit | edit source]

A crysgun is among the most vicious weapons ever developed. It fires a spray of crystal flechettes. Crysgun ammunition consists of a small prism of crystal, which the gun shreds and fires out at high velocity.

There are two types of crysguns: a rifle, which resembles a grenade launcher; and a heavy weapon that must be mounted on a tripod or a swivel mount to be fired.

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References[edit | edit source]

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