New Pale is one of two inhabited planets in the Truane's Star system. Its primary is an orange-yellow color.[1]

Planetary Data Edit

Gravity: 1.4g
Day: 20 galactic standard hours
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temperature:
% Water:
Moons: none
Artificial Satellites:

  • 1 x Armed Space Station[2]

Population: Human (Low)
Exports: foodstuffs

Planetary DescriptionEdit

Geography/Climate Edit

New Pale is an Earth-like planet rich in vegetation and animal life.[3]

Native Life Edit

Huge, vicious dinosaurs roam New Pale's plains, jungles, and skies, very much as on prehistoric Earth. [4]

Politics/Culture Edit

Economy Edit

New Pale's economy is centered on food production.[5] It's primary customer is it's neighbor planet, Pale.

History Edit

Colonization Edit

New Pale was colonized primarily by humans.

War of the Pales[6] Edit

In 47 FY, New Pale began to receive non-human colonists from the other inhabited planet in the system, Pale. A majority of humans on New Pale were Husps (a slang term for persons believing in a racist political philosophy called Human Superiority). The Husps preferred a racially isolated planet and didn'’t want it “"contaminated" by other races.”

Pale had to resort to military force in order to coerce New Pale into allowing other races to settle, which it saw as a way to increase food production on and perhaps drive food costs down. Several months later, the Husps banded together and began terrorizing the new colonists, also attacking Pale'’s “colonial protection” forces. New Pale thus declared itself to be in a state of war with Pale.

The war on New Pale consisted of a series of Husp-led terrorist attacks on food service shipments to Pale. Pale was forced to continue to spend money on ensuring its food supply remained secure. This became difficult in the early 50s because Pale had an over-abundance of resources that were also low in demand, and it suffered an economic depression, which saw many Pale-based mining companies went out of business.

Aware of this, the pirate known as the Star Devil approached the Pan-Galactic Corporation and worked out an agreement. The Star Devil, using bases in the Gruna Garu, Prenglar, and Dixon'’s Star systems, ran weapons shipments from WarTech Incorporatied to the Husps on New Pale. Pan-Galactic financed the cost of the weapons, while the Star Devil furnished the ships. This activity went on from 54 FY to 63 FY, when the war ended.

In 63 FY, in cooperation with the Pale militia, Streel (which had struggled through the nine years of war, yet continued to grow into a larger corporation spite of it), made an effort to end the war by pouring millions into the Pale militia'’s coffers. Confronted by an army of far superior quantity and quality, the Husps were soon crushed out of existence, despite the best efforts of PGC and the Star Devil to save them.

New Pale became a stabilized planet. Its new government then joined Pale'’s, and the two began united administration of the Truane’'s Star system.

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