Racial Characteristics
Average Size: 1.8 m tall
Average Mass: ?? kg (male), ?? kg (female)
Average Lifespan: ??? years
Reproduction: Heterosexual, oviparity
Body Temperature: ?? C
Ability Score Adjustments
Strength/Stamina: +?
Dexterity/Reaction Speed: +?
Intuition/Logic: +?
Personality/Leadership: +?
Movement Rates
Walking: (meters/turn) ?
Running: (meters/turn) ?
Hourly: (kilometers/hour) ?
Racial Abilities


Magh Mar, in the Waller Nexus system.

Physical Appearance and Structure

The Notui range from 1.5 to 2 meters in height and look like a cross between a tall flightless bird (like an ostrich) and a small, bipedal carnivorous dinosaur (like a velocirapture). A Notui is covered with vary thin scales that ruffle and move like feathers to control body heat; unlike feathers, they are tough enough to provide some protection from predators. A Notui has small grasping claws at the end of its two robust upper limbs, which are somewhat less dexterous then human hands. A Notui's legs are powerful, capable of short bursts of great speed and powerful kicks. Massive toe toe claws can also deal a nasty wound to an attacker. A Notui's head resembles that of an eagle, though the horny beak is a large, wide, and unhooked. The skull is large and massive, supported on a short but flexible neck.


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Society and Customs

The Notui are remarkably happy and comfortable. They cultivate large hives of insects with remarkable efficiency and a minimum of effort. Much of a Notui's life is spent in spent in artistic pursuits. They enjoy a long and relatively safe existence on Magh Mar. There have been never been any significant conflicts between individuals and tribes of Notui. Food has always been abundant, and the species has an automatic hormonal mechanism which prevents overpopulation. When the population density gets too great, the females automatically less fertile.

All of these factors contribute to a stable and conservative culture, which has existed in essentially the same form for thousands of years. There is a vary strong resistance to change, and explicit disapproval of any individual with original or adventurous idea. However, since the epochal event of the arrival of the Sathar and the arrival of the Moraes, there is a reluctant respect for the importance of non-traditional thought and behavior.

The Notui are completely unfamiliar with the notion of war or intra-species conflict. They can understand the need of animals to kill other animals for food or self-defense, but they do not equate that in the minds with killing other intelligent creatures-- only animals do that. The only reason the Notui have any ability to fight at all is that they various games (which they think of as art) which pit Notui against Notui in physical contests. There is an absolute prohibition on injuring an opponent, but accidents occur from time to time, and the competition are serious and spirited.

One obsession with the Notui is their love of art and ornamentation. Everything they make is colorful and covered with abstract and realistic designs. They use whatever medium is available — clay pigment, flowers, colorful stones, bits of done and sloughed-off scales. This may actually be the most reliable path into the hearts of the Notui. They greatly admire the variety of colors and designs in the equipment garments of others, and gifts of such items are of inestimable value to the Notui. Furthermore, anyone who shows an interest in the art of the Notui will politely restrained lecture, but in their heart the Notui will never be able to think uncharitable toward a creature that can appreciate art and design.


The Notui are a recently discovered race form Magh Mar, in the Waller Nexus system. They share the aesthetics of Human, Vrusk, and Yazirian art, but they do not share philosophical-based aesthetics of the Dralasites. They have come to value of non-traditional thought and behavior, but in truth, they prefer the idealistic life before the advent of the Sathar and UPF.

Special Abilities

The Notui have strong legs with claws that can deal 2d10 to an opponent.

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