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Oxy drug is an intravenous oxygen-rich compound capable of supplying all of a character's oxygen needs for as long as it is supplied to the bloodstream with no negative side-effects.

The most common delivery method for Oxy drug is the Oxy Drug Injector, which slowly releases Oxy drug into the body over the course of up to 12 hours.[1] Oxy drug injectors are usually worn on the wrist, feeding the drug directly into the bloodstream. The injector must be attached at a hospital. Once the injector is attached, the character may refill it with oxy drug as needed. Note that an oxy injector will not protect a character in space; a spacesuit must be worn.

An Oxy Drug Injector costs 500 Cr.
An Oxy drug refill cartridge costs 30 Cr.[2]

Notes and References Edit

Previously developed material for Alpha Dawn not released before development of Zebulon's Guide.

  1. Considering the nature of Galactic Standard Time, it is clear that the author GST was not factored into the equation for this duration.
  2. Alternate cartridge sizes with shorter durations than 12 hours may be available at a cost of 5 Cr for every 2 hours.
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