Pale is one of the planets in orbit around Truane's Star, the other is New Pale.

Racial Makeup: Mixed Planet. No dominant race.
Population: 11 million; A few large cities and several smaller cities under 100,000.
Gravity: .9 G
Moons: 3
Satellites: Fortress Pale.
Length of Day: 55 hours
Climate: Cold with seasons defined only by the movement of polar ice over its equatorial oceans.

Capital CityEdit

Economy: Most of economy is based on mining. The planet is rich in metals and fossil fuels. Industrial plants and factories serve as the main employers. The population is large enough where raw materials can be mined and processed for export.

Food on Pale is hard to come by due to the extreme weather conditions. Most of their food is exported from New Pale. Economy has been in recession and there has been large population exit due to the war between Pale and New Pale. Since conclusion of war (F.Y. 63), Pale has been climbing out of its recession.

Defense: Truane's Star National Defense Force are a militia fleet sporting three Assault Scouts, and a Frigate in their national colors: black on gray.

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