Type I Parabattery

Parabatteries are active-matrix power storage devices that are used in vehicles, computers and robots. They vary in size from a fist-sized cube,[1] to one cubic meter block.[2][3] The cost to recharge a parabattery at a commercial recharging station is equal to the amount of the SEUs being recharged, times 5 cr.

Unlike Power Beltpacks and Backpacks, parabatteries are not equipped with multiple ports for quick connections, instead, they must be linked to devices through dedicated connections.

Parabattery SEUs Cost (Cr) Wgt (kg) Uses
Type 0 250 300 12.5 Light body Robots
Level 1 Computers
Type 1 500 600 25 Ground Cycles and Hovercycles
Standard body Robots
Level 1 Computers
Type 2 1,000 1,200 50 Ground Cars and Hover Cars
Heavy Duty Robots
Anthropomorphic body Robots
Level 2 Computers
Type 3 2,000 2,300 100 Ground Trucks, Hovertrucks and Explorers
Level 3 Computers
Type 4 4,000 4,500 200 Aircars and Jetcopters
Level 4 Computers

All vehicles listed above can travel 1,000 km on a new parabattery before it is out of energy and must be recharged.[4] (A glijet does not use a parabattery; its range varies with fuel use, altitude and air currents.)

Most robots use a single Type 1 parabattery, while heavy duty and anthropomorphic robots use a Type 2 parabattery.[5][6] Level 1 to level 4 computers are commonly powered by parabatteries of the same type as the computer's level. Level 5 and 6 computers generally use power generators type 1 and 2, respectively. Computers will operate for at least one year at full capacity before their (baseline type) batteries must be recharged.[7]

Parabetteries may be recharged at public recharge stations at a cost of 5 Credits per SEU, or directly from a Power Generator.

New Parabatteries are commonly sold fully charged.

An exploding parabattery causes 2d10 points of damage multiplied by the parabattery's type to anyone in close contact with it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. A fist-sized battery would be similar in size to a motorcycle battery (approx 10cm cubed), but the weight is twice that of a full-sized car battery.
  2. This volume is not consistent with linear scaling; if a Type I (500 SEU) is a cube 10cm across and weighs 25kg, then a Type IV (4,000 SEU) weighing 200kg would be a cube 20cm across; doubling the side length on a cube multiplies its mass eightfold.
  3. A better guide for size might be to simply describe by cubic centimeters; Types I, II, III and IV being 1000cc, 2000cc, 4000cc and 8000cc, respectively, with the actual shape dependent on the intended application.
  4. 1,000 km on a new battery of its listed type; the range is not based on the battery type, but on its SEU capacity; this can be determined as a Kilometers per SEU (kpSEU) based on the base battery of the vehicle type. Technicians can easily connect a parabattery (or even a power belt/backpack) of any size to any vehicle that can handle its weight (i.e. no Type IV batteries on hovercycles).
  5. The operating time of robots is not stated in the rulebooks.
  6. Although not listed, the operating time of a robot can be extrapolated from both the vehicular ranges (2 kpSEU for standard body robots and 1 kpSEU for heavy duty and anthropomorphic) and computer power usage SEU (see below) based on the robot's level.
  7. One year of computer operation for the given parabattery type assumes maximum Function Points for the computer level and a standard GST year or 400 standard days (20 hours/day). Alternate size parabatteries or other active-matrix energy sources may be used without modification, with a suitable change in operational duration based on the source's capacity. Non-rechargeable SEU sources such as powerclips may not be used to power computers.
    Level 1 (1-10 FP) Computers use 0.125 SEU per Function Point per day (SEU/FP/day)
    Level 2 (11-30 FP) Computers use 0.0833 SEU/FP/day
    Level 3 (31-80 FP) Computers use 0.0625 SEU/FP/day
    Level 4 (81-200 FP) Computers use 0.05 SEU/FP/day
    Level 5 (201-500 FP) Computers use 0.04 SEU/FP/day (Assumes 8,000 SEU/yr)
    Level 6 (501+ FP) Computers use 0.032 SEU/FP/day (Assumes 16,000 SEU/yr and 1,250 FP)
    Formula: ((computer level parabattery SEU) ÷ (400 days)) ÷ (computer level's max FP) = SEU/PF/day
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