Photoreactive treatment is a chemical process by which special chemicals are introduced to dyes and paints that give them the ability to change their color in the presence or absence of light.[1] When light is present, the dye or paint is whatever color the owner has chosen. When light is absent, the process results in the color darkening until it is pitch black, allowing whatever object is covered by the pigment to become less visible under those conditions.

Photoreactive treatment is most commonly used on military/security uniforms and equipment for camouflage purposes. In most places, items so treated are restricted to authorized use only. Obtaining these items carries at least a 50% mark-up over the cost of non-treated items on the black market.

Notes and Refernences Edit

  • This item described by Chris Donovan
  1. Becuase the nature of the treatment, it cannot be applied to albedo suits.
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