Piloting skill allows a character to fly a spaceship. This skill represents a fundamental understanding of a ship's systems and capabilities. This is one of the hardest skill areas to learn, as it requires years of hands-on technical experience on-board a space ship. As a result, this is not a common skill, and experienced pilots are in high-demand.

In the UPF Spacefleet, Piloting is one of the three primary skills learned (at level 2) by graduate officers.

The qualifications needed to obtain a 1st level piloting skill are: Technician 6; Computer 2.

Rising levels of piloting skill represent both an improvement in flying ability and the ability to handle larger craft. The Pilot Certification Table lists the types of ships that can be operated by pilots at various levels.

Shuttles, as well as other similar craft, can be piloted by individuals with Technician Skill level 6. Launches may be piloted by individuals with Technician Skill level 4. Piloting skill is not required for these craft.

Level Ship Types EP Cost Dally Wage
1 System Ships of all sizes 10 +25
2 Starships of hull size 3 or smaller 20 +50
3 Starships of hull size 6 or smaller 40 +75
4 Starships of hull size 12 or smaller 70 +100
5 Starships of hull size 15 or smaller 100 +125
6 All starships 150 +150

Sub-skills[edit | edit source]

This skill covers the following sub-skills:

Evasion (modifier +3% x skill level)

The pilot of a fighter or assault scout can increase the ship's inherent ability to avoid enemy fire. As explained in the Tactical Operations Manual (the boardgame rules), fighters and scouts can try to evade enemy torpedoes by using their full maneuver rating to dodge. Besides the enemy's usual modifier for shooting at an evading target, there is an additional modifier of -3% x the evading pilot's skill level.

EXAMPLE: Jason Rhegra is a 2nd level fighter pilot. If he evades, the total modifier is -31%: -25% because the fighter has an MR of 5, and (-3% x2) = -6% because of Rhegra's pilot skill.

Increase Accuracy of Forward-Firing Weapons (modifier +5% x skill level)

The pilot of a ship that carries assault rockets, a laser cannon or a disruptor beam cannon can add 5% x his skill level to that weapon's chance to hit. This reflects the pilot's skill in lining up the weapon for an accurate shot.

Increase Maneuver Rating (Success Rate: 70% x skill level)

On a given turn, a pilot has a chance to turn his ship more than its Maneuver Rating will allow. This chance is 10% per level of the pilot. If the skill check is successful, the pilot can make an additional 60 degree (one hexside) facing change during that movement. This sub-skill and the evasion bonus cannot be used during the same turn.

This sub-skill cannot be used by a pilot whose ship has no Maneuver Rating points (due to damage, etc.).

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