Light stunner pistol

First developed during the First Sathar War, and still in use by those agents of Pan-Gal seeking brainwashed Sathar double agents, the light stunner is a great little weapon.[1] Though less effective than the electrostunner, its small size and concealable nature make it a great alternative.

Unfortunately, it is also inefficient, and this is the reason it is not in widespread use among espionage agencies or mega-corp security groups. Its inexpensive construction does give it a place among the public however.

Light stunners fire a bluish arc of electrons similar to the electrostunner, but smaller and even shorter range. Military specialists snicker when they see the tiny gun, having nicknamed it the “zappy,” a cute shortened version of “zapgun,” which the electrostunner has come to be known as. Unlike the electrostunner, a light stunner can only fire in stun mode, it has no damage setting.

Whenever it fires, it drains 4 SEU from its source. Since it takes a standard powerclip, it can fire five shots before needing to be reloaded. The Light Stunner can be attached to a beltpack or powerpack with a 1.5 meter cord. A gauss screen will block the beam, and an anti-shock implant will nullify the stun arc entirely.

A light stunner costs 150 credits.

Weapon Cost (Cr) Mass Damage Ammo SEU Rate Defense Range (PB/S/M/L/E)
Light Stunner 150 1.5 kg Stun 20 SEU 4 1 Gauss/A-S 5 / 10 / - / - / -

Notes and References Edit

  1. First presented in Star Frontiersman magazine.
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