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An old maxim of naval warfare states that a shore battery always has the advantage over an attacking ship because the shore battery cannot be sunk. it follows that any weapon that can be placed aboard a ship becomes much more dangerous when built larger and placed on a planet. These weapons are known as Planetary Defenses

All Frontier planets with a population rating of Moderate or Heavy, or those lightly populated planets with Industrial potential [1] have planetary defenses.

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Planetary defenses are networks of coordinated weapons emplacements placed on or near planets that someone feels are worth defending A typical planetary defense network usually consists of laser or other energy cannons and missiles, that are much larger than those carried by ships.[2] Some planetary defenses include orbiting weapons satellites and/or ground and space-based fighter squadrons.

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Opeerations Room for a planetary defense network

Planetary defenses are directed from one or more central locations[3] that select weapons to be deployed and assign targets as needed. Some networks are controlled from a purpose built space station.

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Proton beam battery

Planetary defense weapons can destroy a ship at the fringe of the planet's atmosphere. If the ship tries to bombard the planet, incoming torpedoes and missiles will be neutralized easily by the planet's laser anti-missile defenses. Laser weapons fired from space cannot cause much damage on a planet's surface because the weapon's area of effect is so small.

Notes and References Edit

  1. listed with an "I" in the Star Frontiers rulebooks
  2. 10 times as much damage as their ship-mounted counterparts
  3. known by a variety of names (War Rooms, Operations Centers, Operations Rooms, Command Centers, etc)

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