Truane's Star Military Expedition Force soldiers secure a building during the War of the Pales.[1]

Most planets beyond the status of Outpost maintain a small planetary militia. Supposedly, these militias assist Spacefleet in dealing with pirates. More often they are used by planetary rulers or by influential corporations as enforcers.

Planetary militia ships are generally no larger than Frigates, although major planets may have up to Destroyer-class ships. A planetary militia fleet may contain one to ten ships, depending on the population of the planet.

Interplanetary disputes (where the militia of one planet attacks another) are rare, but not unheard of. Inner Reach and Outer Reach in the Dramune system have seen several disagreements blossom into shooting wars.

Planetary militias are always looking for recruits. It is very likely that a character with even a low-level spaceship skill will be offered a commission in one of these forces. Any character can find work as an ordinary crewman on board a militia ship. Generally, only characters with high-level piloting or weapons skills will be offered command of a militia ship.

A major function of planetary militias is combating smugglers. While these "Search and Seize" operations have the approval of the government that authorized them, outsiders may see such acts as little better than piracy.

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