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The Planetary Survey Administration (PSA) is a branch of the UPF that explores and surveys unexplored system and planets.[1]

Established after the Second Sathar War, the PSA represents a more aggressive stance by the UPF towards exploration of new worlds, with an emphasis on new potential colonies as well as ferreting out existing or potential Sathar bases.[2]

Rumors indicate that the Administration may be compromised by agents for various mega-corporations, including Pan-Galactic, and CDC, who funnel off information on particularly promising systems to their employers.[3]

The PSA collates information from private and commercial exploration teams as well as performing and/or chartering expeditions of it's own. To that end, it has financed the construction/renovation of several survey ships such as the Eleanor Moraes.[4]

PSA's records, known as Star System and Planetary Files, gather together all available information about a particular planet or system, including a physical description of geography, environment, natural resources, notable plant and animal life, hazards, and the presence of sentient life forms (if any). These records become increasingly important after the UPF establishes strict new rules in 78 FY concerning legal ownership of star systems and planets.[5]

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