Port Loren is believed to be the earliest colony founded on Gran Quivera. This sprawling capital city is home to the United Planetary Federation, the Office of the Prime Minister, the headquarters of PGC, Galactic Task Force, Inc. and Star Law as well as many other corporations and government offices.

Port Loren is often cited as "The Center of the Galaxy" although this is hardly true. The city is so vast that over one third of the planet's heavy population lives within it.

Downtown[edit | edit source]

The map shows the downtown area of Port Loren. Areas to the east, west and south of the map are residential. The spaceport is to the north. (see Spaceport below) Each square on the map is 5 meters across.

Most large buildings (the Government Building, Pan-Galactic Corporation headquarters, the Medical Complex, etc.) extend several stories below the ground as well as two or three stories above the ground. Vehicles can access underground parking areas through entrance ramps and elevators (noted as IN or OUT in the map). Pedestrian walkways connect some buildings, and cross above the roads. The monorail is built above the buildings and walkways.

Although there are many types of vehicles on the road, the most common on Port Loren are hover cars. To help control the turning of hover vehicles at intersections, magnetic field generators built into the roads automatically reduce the speed of approaching vehicles to around 40kmph.

Downtown Port Loren

The Commercial Center

Public Transportation[1][edit | edit source]

The Monorail[edit | edit source]

One of Port Loren's many monorail terminals

The monorail is the fastest way to travel long distances in the city. To get on the monorail, a rider takes a lift to the terminal and waits for a car to arrive. There are two tracks on each railway, both going in opposite directions. Monorail cars travel at 40-60kmph. Each car can hold up to six passengers. A rider wishing to shop or to travel in the opposite directions must wait for the car to stop at the text terminal to leave or wait for another car to arrive.

Riding the monorail costs 1 credit per day, and the rider can ride the monorail as many times as he wants that day. An ID Card is required to board the monorail.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Holo Theater
  • Dralasite Community Building
    • Grocery Mart
    • Dralasite Sensonium and Steam Bath
    • Third Debate and Comedic Society
  • Entertainment Building
    • Live Theater
    • Night-club and Casino
    • Bank
  • Central Hospital and Medical Complex
  • Connivance Building
    • Pharmacy
    • Liquor
    • Legal Office
  • Business Plaza
  • Pan Galactic Towers
    • Luxury Apartment Tower
    • PGC Office Tower
  • Convention Center
  • PGC Headquarters
    • Business Tower
    • Computer Service Tower
    • Communications
    • Files and Recreation
    • Lobby
    • Cafeteria
    • Holographic Shop
    • Robotic Repair
  • Transportation Complex
    • New/Used Vehicle Rental/Dealership
    • Apartment Tower
    • Security Building
    • Maintenance Service
    • Health Foods
    • Fitness Center
  • Port Loren Plaza
    • Offworld Clothing
    • Offworld Imports
    • Weapons
    • Cafe
    • Cleaners and Laundry
    • Yazirian Deil
    • Gifts
    • Auto and Hover Supply
    • Agricultural Equipment
    • Minting Equipment
    • Travel Services
    • Novelties
    • Vrusk Food
    • Jewelry
    • Construction
    • Hardware
    • Yazirian Clothing
    • Dralasite Snacks
    • Gromm's Nightclub
    • House Wares
    • Restaurant
    • Personal Grooming
    • Joke Shop
    • Planet News
    • Furniture Store
    • Art Gallery
    • Toys/Hobbies
    • Medical Supplies
    • Appliances
    • Sporting Goods
    • Hologames
    • Pub
    • Human Clothing
    • Holovision and Music
    • Electronic Repair
    • Bank
    • Bakery
    • Small Robots
  • Police Headquarters
    • Police Department
    • Jail
    • Star Law Office
    • Fire Department
    • City Computer
  • Stellar Tower Hotel Building
    • Stellar Tower Hotel
    • Offworld Transport
    • Global
    • Environmental Services
    • Polytech
    • Market
    • Office Equipment
    • Real Estate
    • Galactic News Service
    • Loans
    • Dental/Optical
    • Restaurant
    • Hardware/General Store
    • Repair Service
    • Weapons
    • Capellan Free Merchants
  • Spacer's Layover Area
    • Pharmacy
    • Gaming Hall
    • Spacer's Rest
    • Hole-in-the-wall
    • Shanghai Kell's
    • The Plutonium Nugget
  • Government Building
  • Public Library
  • Zoo

Entertainment Sub-District[edit | edit source]

This is a place to watch movies, plays, concerts, life debates, stand-up acts, etc. Entertainment comes form all across the frontier.

Central Hospital and Medical Complex[edit | edit source]

This is one of the most prominent medical facilities in the planet.

Pan Galactic Business Sub-District[edit | edit source]

Atrium of PGC's Port Loren headquarters.[2]

Before moving most of their operations to the Pan-Gal system, this was the primary headquarters of the Pan-Galactic Corporation. Right now, this set of buildings stands as a presence and landmark within the frontier. Do to what this building represents -- targets for terrorism and espionage -- they are well secured by PGC-owned corporate security forces. The buildings contains their office and apartment buildings for the planet. The Pan Galactic Towers are iconic landmarks for the city, and recognized throughout the frontier from media set within Port Loren.

Port Loren Plaza[edit | edit source]

This outdoor mall is the commercial hub of the Frontier Sector. The locally-own stores sell wares form all across the frontier.

Police Headquarters[edit | edit source]

This is the headquarters to the city's Police and Fire Departments, the local jail, the city's mainframe network, and is the primary headquarters of Star Law. Do to what this building represents, it is one of the most well-secured areas within the city.

The Government Building[edit | edit source]

This is building is the seat of local and planetary government. Due to what this building represents, it is one of the most well-secured areas within the city.

Stellar Tower Hotel Building[edit | edit source]

Just another day at Spacer's Rest

This is an indoor mall, centered around a hotel. The dome is just as iconic of a landmark as the Pan Galactic Towers.

Spacer's Layover Area[edit | edit source]

This is a seedy area within the city. Here you can find bars, betrothals and casinos frequented by planet-side spacers.

Port Loren Spaceport[3][edit | edit source]

The Space Port

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Commercial Buildings
    • Human Clothing
    • Technology Store
    • Bank
    • Computers
    • Deli
    • Cafe
    • Imports
    • Travel Services
    • Dralasite Meeting Society
    • Starport Hotel
    • Luxury Hotel
    • Gifts
    • Parkade
  • Starport Administration Building
  • Port Loren Spaceport
    • Orbital/Planetary Departures
    • Departures
    • Planetary Arrivals
    • Orbital Arrivals
    • Waiting Rooms (3)
    • Vehicle Rental
    • Starport Security
    • Secured Areas (4)
    • Terminal Pod #1
    • Terminal Pod #2
  • Local Administration Building
  • Local Terminal Building
    • Local Terminal
    • Transair Terminal
    • Immigration Terminal
    • Immigration Services
    • Local Terminal Pad
  • Starport Maintenance
  • Robot Maintenance
  • Traffic Control Tower
  • Guard Stations (6)
  • Parkade Building #1
  • Parkade Building #2
  • Vehicle Supply Buildings (3)
  • Court House
  • Public Library
  • Mid-Town Apartments
  • Hover and Ground Cycle Shop
  • Above Ground Packing Structure
  • Building Complex A
    • Furniture Showroom
    • Buildings #1-14
    • The Pit Shop (#15)
  • Building Complex B
    • Buildings #16-30
  • Unknown Buildings (south edge)

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  • While it is established canon that the spaceport is northwards of downtown Port Loren, the map, and Warehouse District are not canon.
  1. See Public Transportation for more information.
  2. Concept art for Star Citizen by Nocilas Ferrand.
  3. Map is rotated so that north is facing left
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