Misc SF Energy Beltpack

Power beltpack with armoured connector cable.

Power beltpack

Power beltpack

Misc SF Yazirian

A Yazirian marine wearing a beltpack. Note the red armoured cable tucked under the right arm. To power the laser pistol, the cable would be plugged into a socket in the pistol´s grip.

A power beltpack is a 20cm x 8cm x 5cm [1] plastic box that attaches to a belt. It comes with three different power cords that can be plugged into three distinct outlets in the side of the unit. One port is for weapons, one is for screens and one is for auxiliary equipment such as scanners or radios. Only one weapon and one screen can be plugged into a beltpack at the same time.

Beltpacks have a capacity of 50 SEU. They are sold fully charged. Recharging of beltpacks costs 5 credits per 1 SEU. Recharging can be done at any weapons shop, hardware store or fuel station.[2]

Beltpacks have a mass of 4 kg [3], and cost 250 credits.

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  1. Approximately 8" x 3" x 2" - roughly the size of a brick.
  2. Power Beltpacks, Backpacks, and Econopacks can also be directly charged from Power Generators.
  3. Approximately 8 lbs, 13 oz
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