Privateer Ships

Rollo's Revenge, Moonlight Stinger, Condor, Lightspeed Lady, Golden Vanity and Thruster
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Privateers are privately owned or corporate vessels especially outfitted for one job - fighting! Privateers are usually yachts, freighters or obsolete military vessels which have been re-armed and upgraded. They vary in size from that of an assault scout to ships almost as large as a cruiser. Privateers hunt down pirates, protect corporation vessels from Sathar and other enemy ships, and sometimes act as pirate ships themselves. They can be armed in many different ways, but are generally not as wall armed as military vessels. Despite their relatively high cost, the versatility and high performance aspects of privateers are causing them to appear more and more frequently throughout the frontier.

Privateers are more common in "Corporate Wars", played a major role in the "Laco's War", and they helped in the struggles to control trade to mineral-rich Alcazzar.

Each vessel below is representative of an entire class of ships.

  • Condor (Hull Size 13)
    • Known Condor-class ships:
      • PGSS Brigadoon (Pan-Galactic Corporation ship)
  • Rollo's Revenge (Hull Size 10)
  • Moonbright Stinger (Hull Size 9)
    • Known Moonbright-Stinger class ships:
      • Darkstar Warrior (pirate vessel)
      • Midnight Wasp (pirate vessel)
  • Lightspeed Lady (Hull Size 4)
    • Known Lightspeed Lady-class ships:
      • Lightspeed Lady (pirate vessel)
  • Golden Vanity (Hull Size 4)
  • Thruster (Hull Size 2)
    • Known Thruster-class ships:
      • PGSS Drag Net (Pan-Galactic Corporation ship)


Two stats were made of Yachts and Privateers. The armament allowed on the yachts and privateers presented in issue #86 more closely resembles that allowed on military vessels than civilian ones. In fact, these ships were designed as “paramilitary” vessels, and consequently are not restricted by the civilian ships’ limitations on armament.

Because of the advanced technology needed to outfit these ships, however, the cost of building them also increased. To simulate this, if players in your campaign wish to purchase or build a yacht or privateer ship, require them to pay double the hull cost listed in the Knight Hawks rules.

Yachts and Privateers Return presented versions of these ships created with civilian technology, which is more accessible to characters and small corporations.

Both statistics are considered official.


(from Dragon Magazine issues #86 Fast and Deadly, and #88 Yachts and Privateers Return)

Original (from issue #86) Revised (from issue #88)
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